LNG Vaporizing Station

LNG is transported to vaporizing station by tanker, using LNG unloading supercharger to increase the pressure in tank, and transport LNG from tanker to storage tank. When LNG is excretion from storage tank, first through self pressurization system to increase tank’s pressure, then open the tank liquid phase outlet valve, by pressure difference to send LNG from the storage tank to the gasifier, then transported to end user after adjusted pressure, measurement, odorization and other processes. When outdoor temperature is low, and air ambient vaporizer outlet temperature is lower than 5°C, needs adding water bath heater and heating natural gas after vaporized.

Main Features

Simple installation, reasonable design

Convenient operation, beautiful appearance

Small area occupied, intelligent control

PLC programmable automatic control

Widely used in urban pipeline peaking, food, chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgical, electrical appliance, photovoltaic, batteries and other industries

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